Sunday, August 28, 2011


Fillmore, California

Greetings from Fillmore, Ventura County, California. This City Hall and public park are also the eastern end of the historical railway that runs west to Santa Paula

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Hotel
Beverly Hills, California

This famous hotel is located at Beverly Drive and Sunset Boulevard, and enjoys a lush green 16-acre setting, across from a park. This Pink Palace, set back from a busy intersection, looks like a stage setting and has been used in films many times.

Coloma, California

Coloma is where James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter’s Sawmill in 1948, which set the California gold rush in motion. Pictured here is the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold, children panning for gold, a gold nugget and The James Marshall Monument

My nephews sent this to me on their way to pan for gold themselves. They did get some flakes.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Palo Alto, California

Stanford University

The quad and Memorial Church are captured in a photograph taken from a camera tethered to a balloon hundres of feet in the sky.

Palo Alto, California

Stanford University
Mermorial Church is located in the heart of the Stanford University Campus

Palo Alto, California

Stanford University

Palm Drive and Stanford Memorial Church
Hoover Tower and Quadrangle
Hoover Tower

Palo Alto, California

Stanford University
Memorial Church at dusk. It is located in the center of campus.

Westwood, California

University of California, Los Angeles - UCLA

Home of the UCLA Bruins, Westwood, California

Berkeley, California

University of California, Berkeley - California

U.C. Campanile Tower
The U.C. landmark can be seen from all over the Bay Area and is on an axis with University Ave. and the Golden Gate.

Chico, California

Chico State College, Chico, Calif.